COVID-19 Branded Materials


BizBulletin is a 2-page digital flyer and checklist for businesses, managers and staff about how to support the vaccination rollout.

Click here to download the PDF.


COVID-19 Resource Toolkit

  • The COVID-19 Resource Toolkit is a new central hub for all New Zealand Government Unite against COVID-19 branded assets and resources.
  • All content is now tagged so it’s easy to search and find whatever you need.
  • As part of the pilot, there will be changes to improve the toolkit which may mean the design, navigation and URL may change slightly. Assets and resources will continue to be added.  
  • To use the toolkit, visit and create a free account. You can then use the toolkit to search and easily download COVID-19 branded assets and resources.
  • Any feedback or suggestions can be emailed to
  • Translated information is available in 26 languages
  • Information is available in 5 alternate formats

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