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Māori tourism, as the first impression and final exclamation mark for visitors to Aotearoa New Zealand visitors, is important to NZ Māori Tourism.

The Māori world provides a key point of difference for visitors and entering this world offers a fascinating first impression, a unique connection, and everlasting memories.

NZ Māori Tourism works collaboratively with the Māori tourism sector to ensure visitors arrive as strangers but leave Aotearoa New Zealand as members of our whānau (family).


Business Support and Advice

We're thinking of starting a Māori tourism business. Where can we get advice/help? 

There are a variety of places that you can get advice/help for your Māori tourism business, starting with our Roadmap.

Who can I talk to at NZ Māori Tourism with my problem? 

Please email info@maoritourism.co.nz and you will be put in touch with the relevant staff member.

How can I list my Māori tourism business on this website?

Once you have signed up for membership, you will be given the opportunity to list your business on the NZ Māori Tourism website. 

Does NZ Māori Tourism provide funding? 


How do I contact Inbound Tourism Operators (ITOs) to let them know about my business? 

The Tourism Export Council (TEC) has a comprehensive list of Inbound Tourism Operators working in New Zealand. You can also read the Planning for Inbound Success booklet produced by TEC. Find out more about TEC and how to become a member here.

How can my Māori tourism business receive an invitation to exhibit at Māori Tourism Trade Day? 

First of all, make sure you are listed on NZ Māori Tourism's website. Exhibition space at Māori Tourism Trade Day (MTTD) is for Māori tourism experiences that are export ready and are either already working with ITOs or are ready to. Space is limited, so when the expression of interest/registration is emailed to you, respond quickly to secure your space. Because space is limited, we try to showcase as many regions and as wide of range of experiences as possible. MTTD is usually in the second half of the year. We also invite new Māori tourism businesses to attend as Observers. These are businesses that aren't quite export-ready that attend to experience what a trade show is like, with the goal towards becoming an Exhibitor in future years. Observers don't have set appointments with ITOs, but participate in the rest of the day.

To receive your invite as an ITO or Observer, please email info@maoritourism.co.nz to be included on the invite list.

Is there any specific funding for business development?

There are a variety of funding that may be available for your business, including the Whenua Māori Fund, the Māori Innovation Fund, and the Tourism Growth Partnership.

Overseas/Offshore Delegations

Is NZ Māori Tourism involved in offshore delegations?

Every now and again we are asked for names of export ready tourism businesses to join Ministers and/or organisations offshore. The criteria for joining the delegation are set by the agency organising the visit, not NZ Māori Tourism.

What does my business need to be considered for an overseas tourism delegation? 

A trade mission is an invitation only event for export-ready businesses to take part in a coordinated visit with a group of businesses. The mission follows a structured programme of business briefings, company visits and networking events in a target market. It can help you open doors and build relationships with key people, and get traction and exposure in an international market. 

Find out more from NZTE here.

Keep an eye on Tourism New Zealand's event page for upcoming trade shows and Kiwi Link events.

NZTE has a questionnaire to help you know if your business is export-ready. Take the questionnaire here.

Do delegates on offshore delegations have to pay?


Does NZ Māori Tourism fund international travel?


General overseas opportunities

Every so often NZ Māori Tourism is invited to attend meetings, conferences or discussions offshore. More often than not NZ Māori Tourism will attend policy meetings, however, if there is a specific expertise required that we do not have we will look for someone within the Māori tourism or wider Māori network and recommend them. Examples might include, but have not been limited to:

  1. Māori tourism environmental expertise - Taiwan - we sent one of our operators.
  2. Māori environmental expertise - Argentina - we sent someone with environmental, local, and regional government expertise.
  3. Māori tourism and community development experience - Chile - we sent a small operator from a small community who was part of a broader community development initiative.

Our selections are based on the skill requirements of, or the criteria set by the host country and the availability of attendee/s. Most of these opportunities are funded by the host country.

Do you provide Māori tourism itineraries for visitors? 

Not at this stage unfortunately. However, we are working towards listing all Māori tourism experiences on our website, sorted by region, so you can easily find a Māori tourism experience to fit into your existing itinerary.

Operations and Governance

Who can become a member of NZ Maori Tourism?

Eligibility for Full Membership: Full Members must satisfy the NZ Māori Tourism Board that they are either:

(a) A Māori Regional Tourism Organisation (MRTO); or

(b) A Māori Tourism Business, which is a body that;

(i) is a legally constituted entity;

(ii) is primarily owned and or operated by Māori (either directly or indirectly) and offers tourism products and or experiences in the New Zealand tourism industry; and

(iii) for the avoidance of doubt can, but need not be, a member of an MRTO.

Approval of Membership: All applications for membership by a Māori Tourism Business must be approved by a resolution passed by a majority of the NZ Māori Tourism Board.

Do you only work with members of NZ Māori Tourism? 

No, NZ Māori Tourism is here to work with and for the benefit of all Māori tourism businesses.

So, why become a member of NZ Māori Tourism? 

One of the advantages is the ability to serve on the Board of NZ Māori Tourism, voted for by the membership.

NZ Māori Tourism provides a strong voice in both Wellington, and the wider tourism industry around New Zealand. NZ Māori Tourism leverages relationships with national tourism bodies and other key public sector organisations with regard to industry strategy, industry communications, industry training and industry funding. NZ Māori Tourism is also the lead organisation for Māori Tourism Trade Day – an event dedicated to the engagement of Māori tourism operators with Inbound Tourism Operators (ITO).

Who are our Board members?

You can find a list of our Board members here.

How often are Board elections for NZ Māori Tourism held?

The tenure of elected Board members is three years.

Where can I read NZ Māori Tourism's latest Annual Report?

NZ Māori Tourism annual reports can be found here

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