About Us

Māori tourism, as the first impression and final exclamation mark for visitors to Aotearoa New Zealand visitors, is important to NZ Māori Tourism.

The Māori world provides a key point of difference for visitors and entering this world offers a fascinating first impression, a unique connection, and everlasting memories.

NZ Māori Tourism works collaboratively with the Māori tourism sector to ensure visitors arrive as strangers but leave Aotearoa New Zealand as members of our whānau (family).


Application for Membership of NZ Māori Tourism Society


Eligibility for Full Membership*: Full Members must satisfy the Board that they are either:

  • for the avoidance of doubt can, but need not be, a member of an MRTO.

Approval of Membership: All applications for membership by a Māori Tourism Business must be approved by a resolution passed by a majority of the Board.


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