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Kiwi Holiday Club - like Chriscos but for holidays

Kiwi Holiday Club - like Chriscos but for holidays

With the country closed to international tourists and the call for Kiwis to get out and about to experience the beauty of Aotearoa and its people, the old adage of don’t leave home until you’ve seen the county is ringing out loud and clear.

The Kiwi Holiday Club is a brand new venture with big ambitions.  Started by a couple of Māori tourism entrepreneurs, the Kiwi Holiday Club is an innovative venture that will operate a bit like Chriscos through a payment plan whereby club members lay-by vouchers to spend at your business.

The Kiwi Holiday Club is about to launch and they’re inviting your business to be one of their “launch suppliers”.

How does it work?

Kiwis sign up through the Kiwi Holiday Club website and start making weekly payments.  The payment period is up to 40 weeks and can be as little or as much as they want to pay.  What they’re doing is basically putting a bit of money away each week and before they know it, they’ve saved up enough to secure holiday vouchers.  These vouchers are redeemable with any of the Kiwi Holiday Club’s suppliers of accommodation, activities, food and beverage.

How to be a supplier?

All you need to do is go to their website and sign up.  There are no set fees for signing up to be a supplier, you can make a koha (donation) of your choice.  You can koha an annual fee, a commission on any bookings or vouchers you receive from the club’s members.  For doing this you get a 12 month membership.

Whatever you decide is all good with the Kiwi Holiday Club, as they know suppliers of products and services have been affected in someway by COVID-19.

You can find out more at the Kiwi Holiday Club.

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