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Opening doors to Moriori culture and hospo

Opening doors to Moriori culture and hospo


A refurbished lodge on the remote Rēkohu (Chatham Islands) is providing its manuhiri with insights into Moriori culture and hospitality.

Henga Lodge, owned and operated by Hokotehi Moriori Trust, reopened its doors in November after a series of refurbishments following the completion of the long-term lease with MPA and Waitangi wharf build project.

With 23 rooms on offer and a fleet of six rental cars, Henga Lodge focuses on well-being and friendly service as well as providing a cultural experience to its guests.

“Henga Lodge offers guests to Rēkohu eco-conscious and comfortable accommodation with an insight into Moriori culture and cuisine," Appointed Lodge Manager Bernadette Lim said.

"We are excited to offer visitors a real point of difference, along with personal service and affordable accommodation rates."

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The Lodge’s licensed restaurant Kōpi Kitchen serves sumptuous local cuisine such as Blue Cod and Crayfish when in season. 

The Henga team have also introduced an alternative accommodation option to co-inside with the lodge called ‘Marakapia Lookout’.  This new concept is made up of 12 single units that have individual ensuites and offers the option of self-catering with spacious outdoor areas surrounded by a serene view of Marakapia Lake, making it the perfect destination for work conferences or team building events.

If you plan on visiting the remote island situated almost 800 metres east of the Aotearoa mainland, there are several places with historical and cultural significance to visit. 

Top sites to see include a tour of Kōpinga Marae featuring a cultural history talk,  Nunuku’s Cave (rock carvings), and a visit to the JM Barker (Hāpūpū) Historic Reserve to see the Rakau Momori – living tree engravings on Kōpi trees depicting Moriori karapuna and symbols of the natural world such as pātiki (flounder) and birds.

Sustainability and Conservation are also key philosophies behind the eco-conscious Henga Lodge. You will be offered the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint by purchasing the ‘Henga Welcome Pack’.  The pack provides a unique opportunity to purchase a tree native to Rēkohu, grown in the nursery onsite and have it planted in one of the Hokotehi reserves during the planting season as a way of giving back to the land and creating a special memory of your stay. 

The welcome pack also includes a reusable Stainless Steel drink bottle to use during your stay, welcome drink on arrival and locally made gift.

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HENGA LODGE - Experience the Real Rēkohu

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