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Dragon's Den for Māori tourism

Dragon's Den Application form

Tell us the story of who you are and how you can make your idea happen! 

Applications open Friday 29 June. Close 5pm Friday 20 July. (Note, the application period has been extended by a week, from 13 July to 20 July) 

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted the following week.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to pitch their idea in a three minute presentation to the Dragons and audience at the Māori tourism workshops in Napier on Tuesday 7 August. 

That evening will be a networking dinner and announcement of Dragon's Den winners.

Whanau, this is about you and your idea, not ours! We are not in a position to guide or influence your applications and nor should we. So, do your best.


1. Bring your idea to life (start-up) - $10k
Have a great idea for a Māori tourism experience? Or an idea that will help to grow Māori tourism experiences, or promote Māori tourism domestically and internationally?

2. Small Māori tourism business with a big idea (established business) - $10k
Got a fantastic idea to help grow (your) existing Māori tourism experience(s)?

3. Innovate for success (open) - $10k
Show us your innovative idea that will help, grow, and/or promote Māori tourism experiences. Your idea may solve a problem, provide easy access to technology to help Māori tourism, or promote Māori tourism in an innovative way.

4. China – New Zealand Year of Tourism 2019 (open) - $10k
The China New Zealand Year of Tourism is in 2019. How can Māori tourism experiences make the most of this opportunity? Do you have an idea for Māori tourism experiences to attract Chinese visitors, or that will help Māori tourism experiences increase their China knowledge and know how?

5. Dragon’s Award – Wow Us! (open) - $20k
All shortlisted candidates will be eligible for this award

More than one category can be entered in to, but each application must be tailored and specific to the category – do not be sending in the same application for 2-3 categories (seriously).

Application form

Please email all applications to by 5pm, Friday 20 July. Shortlisted candidates will be notified by Friday 27 July.
Please note: Staff and Board members of NZ Māori Tourism are ineligible to enter.

The Word Document application form can be downloaded here.

1. What category are you entering?

2. Your contact details
Name, email, phone number

3. Whakapapa

4. Describe your idea (300-500 words)

5. What are the medium-long term results you are seeking?
This may include employment, increased profitability, a plan to take the idea to feasibility study, investment, etc

6. What is the budget for this initiative (table)

7. What contributions have, or will you make to this initiative (in kind accepted)

8. Why should we select you as the winner? (300 words)
A short statement on why you believe your idea would be a worthy winner

9. Anything further we should take into consideration with your application?

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