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Increased Funding To Accelerate The Growth Of Māori Tourism Businesses

The announcement in Budget 2017 of $10 million of new funding over four years will promote and strengthen the Māori tourism sector to be more resilient, says NZ Māori Tourism Chief Executive Pania Tyson-Nathan.

While NZ Māori Tourism will continue to grow Māori tourism businesses through a range of initiatives, this new funding will:
• provide support to accelerate the business growth trajectory of emerging Māori tourism experiences;
• support a Māori tourism programme to ensure cultural quality and authenticity;
• provide support for incoming and outgoing delegations, to and from existing and emerging markets;
• leverage Māori story-telling to enhance regional, and inter-regional, tourism.

“Tourism continues to be an attractive industry for Māori and we are seeing a significant increase in interest across the board - from Māori trusts and incorporations, iwi, small to medium enterprises, and whānau start-ups.

“We will continue to work with Māori tourism businesses to ensure they have the appropriate tools to flourish.

“Access to international markets is important for any export business, so we will continue to support and/or provide advice to incoming and outgoing delegations.

“In addition, we will continue to foster relationships that encourage mutually beneficial trade and investment.

“NZ Māori Tourism is encouraged by the growing interest and demand for services in the regions, not only from locals, but from international visitors to New Zealand as well. We look forward to growing the number, and breadth, of authentic Māori cultural experiences on offer in the regions”, says Mrs Tyson-Nathan.

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