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New Tool To Grow Domestic Tourism

Press release from Tourism Industry Aotearoa

An exciting new online tool and website to accelerate growth in New Zealand’s $20 billion domestic tourism sector, and encourage Kiwis travellers to visit more regions year round, went live today.

The DGiT (Domestic Growth Insight Tool) website and online tool is the first major initiative to come out of a working group to activate domestic tourism, spearheaded by Tourism Industry Aotearoa with representatives and funding support from private and public sector tourism partners.

“Domestic tourism is more valuable to New Zealand than international tourism, yet its importance is often overlooked and there has been a real insight gap,” says TIA Chief Executive Chris Roberts.

“DGiT is changing that. Tourism operators and Regional Tourism Organisations can use the online tool to identify which Kiwi travellers to target, when they want to visit, their motivation for travel, what else they want to do and their preferred type of accommodation. DGiT can also suggest the best way to market to them.

“Growing domestic tourism will also help address two of the industry’s biggest challenges – smoothing out seasonal peaks and troughs, and stimulating regional dispersal. If Kiwis are given the right incentives and information, they’ll be attracted to travel to new parts of the country and at different times of the year.  

”Domestic tourism will also be particularly important to help some regions affected by the Kaikoura earthquake to recover.”

Mr Roberts says the online tool is free, practical and simple to use, and is backed by robust insight, including a Colmar Brunton survey of 6000 New Zealanders’ leisure travel habits.

The insight revealed New Zealanders can be divided into eight distinct travel segments based on their domestic leisure travel habits and preferences:

•         Escape & Reward: This segment wants to escape their daily stresses and reward themselves. It can either be with friends or their partner.  
•         Learn & Understand: This segment wants to discover and learn about their and others’ history and heritage.  
•         Explore Nature: This segment loves exploring the outdoors to discover new places and as a way to relax.
•         Wine, Food & Music: This segment wants to indulge or reward themselves through wine, food and music.
•         Adventure & Challenge: This segment wants some excitement – to have an adventure which has an element of challenge.
•         Watching or Participating: This segment wants to share time with friends and family while doing or watching something they love – often sport related but also cultural.
•         Fun with Kids: This segment wants to bond as a family doing things together.
•         Family: This segment is going to see their family.
“From family holidays to day trips, we have a tremendous opportunity to significantly increase the $55 million New Zealanders spend daily on domestic travel,” says Mr Roberts.

“Persuading more New Zealanders to use their discretionary dollars on a domestic travel experience will result in more successful tourism businesses. Other businesses that sell products and services to visitors will also profit, such as supermarkets, petrol stations, cafes and bars.”

Mr Roberts says domestic travellers are the lifeblood of many tourism businesses before they expand into the international market.

“Grow this market and we’ll grow their business capability and ‘export readiness’.

“And the more we activate domestic tourism, the faster we’ll reach the tourism industry’s Tourism 2025 $41 billion aspirational goal.”

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